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[ASPHODEL] Prestige Blacklabel- Advanced Placenta Cream Tube 70g


"ASPHODEL Prestige Blacklabel Advanced Placenta Cream"

ASPHODEL Prestige Blacklabel Advanced Placenta Cream is
Specially formulated with Mediactive 20+Honey listed on the
ARTG(Australian Register Therapeutic Goods). It also contains
Hydrolysed ovine placental liquid extract, snail liquid and aloe vera.
It is a unique moisturizing cream which absorbs completely onto the skin,
Help reduce wrinkles, work to prevent fine lines and aid in skin whitening
Gives your skin looking radiant, young, fresh and blemish free.

Australia is well known as a country with tight regulations and laws to maintain its natural environment. Australian sheep placenta is different as it grows in grazing pastures without any exposure to harmful pesticides. It is rich in protein, hormones, vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, peptidases, and esterases. The Australian sheep placenta has traditionally been used to treat skin cell regeneration and to restore young, transparent and healthy skin. Astragrace research team studied and tested the effects of sheep placenta on the skin and we developed our new product, Prestige Blacklabel Advanced Placenta Cream. This product is fused with our special mediactive 20+ honey enzyme and sheep placenta. This product can regenerate skin cells and give a youthful and transparent whitening effect by synergy formation.

How to Use :

Daily use of placenta cream may help regain fullness of skin,

moisturise and reduce fine lines on the skin.


Mixed Hydrolysed ovine placental liquid·

Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice·Cetearyl alcohol·

Glycerin·Mel (MediActive Honey 20+)·Butyrospermum

parkii (shea butter)·Niacinamide·Lanolin·Pentylene glycol·

Ceteareth-20·Camellia sinensis (green tea) leaf extract·

Polysorbate 60·Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil·

Snail secretion filtrate·Phenoxyethanol·Dimethicone·

Tocopheryl acetate·Carbomer·Adenosine·Sodium Hydroxy·

Parfum·Fullerenes C60

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