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[MDActive] Healthy Bite Lemon 64g


Australia's No.1 Nougat!

Handcrafted in Australia!

MDActive Healthybite Soft Nougat is a premium selection for your healthy Bite, made by traditional methods in order to accentuate the unique and different taste with others.

One of Unique honeys in the world!

What is Mediactive® 20+ Antibacterial honey?

Mediactive® honey is 100% pure Australian Honey. Laboratory studies and clinical trials have shown that this honey is an effective broad-spectrum antibacterial agent.

Internally, Mediactive® honey having high antioxidant properties supports general well being.

MDActive Healthybite soft nougat has become popular in the world for


Mediactive® 20+ Antibacterial honey, Roasted almonds, Coffee, Cranberry, Cocoa powder, Lemon oil, Blueberry, Egg whites, glucose and rice paper.


Allergen Information : Contains almonds, honey and egg white.

May contain traces of other nuts.

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Recommended Optimal Combination: Enjoy together, Much healthier.

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